Who We Are

Michael Novak Founder and CEO

Michael Novak
Founder and CEO

Mr. Novak’s life work involves the intersection of technology, media, and international communications between the US, Asia, and Africa. His technology experience in software ranges from a co-founder of Ross Systems, to chairman of a Japanese software company,  to VP-Asia for Sterling Software. He then moved to an international focus as president of a major intercultural communications consulting company, specializing in U.S./Asia business issues, and was C.O.O, of a mid-sized translation company. Since 2000 his focus has been on international media – in China, Japan, and Silicon Valley. In media he has been a senior advisor to Dalian’s Media Zone, and as chairman of Cogswell Polytechnical College in Silicon Valley. He has held board positions for Equal Access, which has an active audience of 90 million in Asia and Africa, and as the U.S. Representative to China’s International Software Conference.

Mr. Novak is also currently on the Advisory Board of Relativity School, an affiliate of the Hollywood film studio Relativity Media.

Hiroshi Kagawa Investor, Advisor

Hiroshi Yamakuse Kagawa
Investor, Advisor

Mr. Kagawa’s career has been in publishing in both the U.S. and Japan. He currently is CEO of  the IBC Consulting and Publishing Group and head of the IBC Global Communication Center in Tokyo. Previously he was CEO of Yohan, then the largest English distributor of English publications in Japan. Yohan supported Tertia for it’s initial technology development, and IBC’s Ladder Series of ebooks is one of the first publishing series to be undergoing transformation to integrated Audio/Ebook titles for the iBookstore worldwide.