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Our latest title, the classic “Anne of Green Gables” is an edited version of the classic story, and is perfect for readers in grade 3-4, or those outside the U.S. with a TOEIC score of 400. Two hours long, it is now available worldwide on the iTunes iBook store!  A one minute “Quick video demo” is also available here.



EBOOK as a video – Chez Tootsie – Film Noir

This ebook, with illustrations by Reid Winfrey at Cogswell Polytechnical College in Silicon Valley, brought this original short audio drama to life through those drawings and our platform. This format takes lower bandwidth than full video, and is more appropriate for places where bandwidth is at a premium.

The full version has two audio tracks, one with just the sound effects and music. This enables those with compatible devices to recreate the drama with full audio and timing support.


Mariah Carey Live in Las Vegas

Tertia produced the version of Mariah Carey’s “Live in Las Vegas” concert with karaoke subtitles and two track audio – one with the full sound track, and a second without her lead vocals. We then distributed this concert to Japan and China direct to mobile phones. Ms. Carey has three of the top ten albums of all time by a non-Japanese performer in that country.

Cy Bravo’s rap “We Run It”

Rap music in particular is something we really love to enhance. The lyrics can be so colorful at times, it is really helpful to understand then more easily. Our “Slo-mo” option also helps to slow the song down for those who want to practice. Cy’s song can be viewed here.


President Obama’s Weekly Addresses

During the past two presidential election cycles we have reached out to both parties about the importance of reaching voters in swing states who do not speak English as their first language. Our outreach to the Obama campaign in 2008 was particularly successful, and we partnered with Asian Americans for Obama to deliver an ongoing series of campaign videos targeting the ESL voter. The results speak for themselves, and we worked directly with the new White House for his 2009 Inaugural Address. In 2012 we were contacted for the 2012 DNC convention, where we also provided our platform as a public service. We will continue to offer this capability to both parties on an ongoing basis.

This October 5 Weekly address is an example of that format.

More examples are on our Youtube page.