The largest overlooked audience in the world

Global ELL demand

Globally, non native speakers of English outnumber native speakers four to one (2 Billion to 500 million), and represent the largest language demographic on the planet. They also tend to be the most affluent globally.

Native-English language media fails to deliver solutions to this market, as it does not consider the comprehension and interest needs of this unique audience. Tertia addresses this imbalance in two ways.

  • First we have developed a library of unique software technology that allows English media to reach this audience.
  • Second, we target the major international markets to distribute this enhanced media to that audience via mobile phone, satellite, IPTV, and other digital formats.

To address this opportunity we have assembled some of America’s top experts in US/Asia communications, governmental affairs, and multilingual technology. We work with traditional English media companies, governmental organizations, and multinational corporations to reach this market. We also constantly research the needs of our audience, and look for content that they could both understand and enjoy.

We are not an English language learning company, but rather target those who have achieved a vocabulary of 500 words in English. Once they have done that, our content is the reward for reaching that milestone.