Crowd-based subtitle translations

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Tertia increases the productivity of crowd-based subtitle translation platforms in two ways:

1 – Tertia eliminates a major barrier to efficient crowd-based translations – the transcription and captioning of the original video.

  • Translating a video is best done by someone whose native language is the targeted language, not the original language. Typing speed is not as important as the quality of the translation. Crowd-based volunteers are usually motivated by the translation of the film into the targeted language.
  • Transcribing a video or audio most effectively however takes a native speaker, with good typing skills, and a platform that focuses on captioning the original video. Tertia’s transcription teams consists of professionals that have all three, and can deliver a verbatim transcription much more quickly and accurately that translation-oriented crowd-based systems.

2 – Tertia’s automated boundary management allows for efficient translation to all devices, not just the web.

  • Format constraints – Web-based subtitled videos can be very forgiving as to length and formatting of subtitles. Not so for closed captioning for U.S. broadcast, DVD’s, and Blue Ray DVD’s. Tertia’s platform generates the original captions in a way that can be translated for all devices.
  • Character expansion – Other languages may take more characters for the same sentences as the original English. Our platform takes this into account, so that translated languages like Spanish and German do not exceed the permitted subtitle boundaries formats like DVD and Blue Ray.


Tertia's Strategic Partnership with Dotsub "Any Video, Any Language"

Tertia’s Strategic Partnership with Dotsub
“Any Video, Any Language”

Tertia collaborates closely with, a leading platform for translation of subtitles into other languages by using the crowd, paid translators, or a combination of both. The first thing Dotsub translators see after our processing is the original language, transcribed, precisely formatted, and ready for translation! We work with Dotsub to continually refine the interconnection to make it more efficient, with a faster turnaround, and the best overall solution when a translated subtitle is the best solution.

Michael Novak, Tertia CEO, is a member of the Advisory Board of Dotsub.