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Harvard Business Review – Countries with Better English Have Better Economies

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An Article on Harvard Business Review‘s blog page shows a good study linking English Language proficiency to economic development.


France demonstrates the value of subtitles for English!

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A recent article in the New York Times shows France as the only major developed country where English proficiency has declined over the past few years. A major contributing factor in this is their use of dubbing, rather than subtitles, for their television programming.

This provides another significant case study for the value of Same language Subtitles, one of Tertia’s main areas of strength, which are twice as effective as standard subtitles to deliver this valuable global skill.

At Samsung’s first Developer Conference

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Spending today at Samsung’s developer conference here in San Francisco.


Michael’s Presentation at GMIC

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Each speaker had 5 minutes for an “elevator talk”. We presented some examples of our enhanced ebooks and advanced subtitles for the global audience.


Lessons Learned Moderator – Larry Irving

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Larry Irving is on the board of PBS, and was a former official for Internet administration with President Clinton and VP Global Gov’t Affairs with HP, moderated our “Lessons learned” panel. Very well versed in issues related to the internet and media obviously.

Andrew Ng – Founder of Coursera

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Andrew Ng

The leadoff for the mobile education track was Andrew Ng, CEO of Coursera. He gave a good presentation of Coursera’s focus and capabilities, and we learned quite a bit about global deployment using their system.

We launch our new website at GMIC

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 GMIC Pano

Hi Everyone, and welcome to our new website.

We are it at the worldwide Global Mobile Internet Conference here in San Francisco October 22, 2013. I’ll be speaking at the M-Education program, about “Lessons learned”. Will post information about the event, so stay tuned.

Also stay tuned for enhancements to the website. It’s still a work in progress. More things to come.


Michael Novak